Camboriú (SC) receives donations of clothes and duvets from Havan

Some regions of Santa Catarina were hit by heavy rains last week. Since then, Havan has been helping these municipalities with donations. Yesterday, 15, Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, received the mayor of Camboriú, Elcio Kuhnen, and delivered 50 comforters and 500 items of clothing that will help families rebuild their homes. 

In Camboriú, more than 1,600 people were affected in some way by the rains, and 560 had to leave their homes. According to a survey by the city hall, in addition to those directly affected, around 30% of the population was indirectly affected. 

The mayor, Elcio Kuhnen, thanked the contribution and spoke of how important solidarity is in moments like this. “It’s great to see that there are solidary people and companies that are helping the population of Camboriú. We only have to be thankful”. 

Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, emphasized the affection he has for the neighboring city of Brusque. “I always pass through the region, it’s a wonderful city, it has hardworking people. Unfortunately, they are living through this difficult time, but soon everything will be fine. You can always count on us”.  

In addition to Camboriú, last week Havan sent to Canelinha (SC) 50 double duvets and 700 pieces of clothing. The municipality was among the most affected by the rains that fell in the state.