Black Friday Havan offers discounts of up to 50% and extends throughout the month

Black Friday has already started in the largest department store in Brazil. With discounts ranging between 20% and 50%, the sales promotions will last throughout the month of November. In addition, this edition will feature surprise sales promotions, lasting 24 hours, so you have to be careful not to miss anything.

According to the purchasing manager, Aldemir de Souza, the expectation is for a 30% increase in sales compared to last year. In this Black Friday Havan the promotions are unmissable and extend to all segments. “There are fans and air conditioning units with discounts that reach 40%. Beauty line with 30% discounts. Items like chairs, which reach 50% and more “, he explains.

Havan is prepared to serve consumers in different channels, whether in physical stores, APP Havan, e-commerce, direct sales through WhatsApp, making customers’ lives even easier, with the Retira Fácil (pick-up in store) service. “We prepared some differentials for this year. Every week, until the end of the month, there will be products with different prices. In one week it can be the bed-bath and bath sector, in the other it will be the electronics and so on. It will be a November of great promotions”, he points out, remembering that the entire store will have installments of up to 10x, without entry and without interest.

On this Black Friday, another great differential is that the prices announced will be, with the exception of lightning or weekly promotions, collected until the end of the month. “There is no fraud here. We really have different prices for the period and today or 10 days from now, the product will have the same advertised price”, warns Souza, remembering that Havan is also prepared with stock of products, making sure that no customer is without the desired product.


Havan’s Black Friday has Celso Portiolli as poster boy. With all his sympathy, Portiolli emphasizes that, even with so many events canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, Havan kept a Black Friday, always highly expected by those who like to save. In addition to being well known and having the credibility of audiences of different ages, he is an idol of the internet for recording funny videos and having great engagement.

In a relaxed way, the campaign will address classic canceled events, from the traditional weekend barbecue with a group to a big party, showing that the most important of all will happen: Havan’s Black Friday.

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