Athletes of Havan, Matheus Rheine and Ymanitu Silva, debuts on Tokyo Paralympic Games

Tokyo Paralympic Games started this week and the athletes Matheus Rheine and Ymanitu Silva are the Havan’s bets in the competition. The swimmer Matheus make his debut this Wednesday, 25th, when participating in the 400m freestyle event, 21:55pm, in Brazilian time. Already the tennis player Many will enter the court on Friday, 27th, at a time to be defined. 

In Havan and Luciano Hang’s social media is circulating a special material about the trajectory of the athletes. In the videos is evidenced how much they need to surpass to become Olympic athletes, highlighting that they are special not because of their deficiencies but because they go above and become determination, focus and discipline examples in the search of results. 

Havan’s owner, Luciano Hang, talk about the pride to follow and sponsor the athletes. “Sponsor is believing. We believe and look up to Matheus and Many. I’m so happy to see Havan and Brazil name being represented for them. Is a great pride to follow the trajectory and evolution of these athletes. I’m sure that they are ready to represent the country in the biggest sport event in the world. Me, Havan family and Brazilian people are in the crowd for them”, said, remembering that before they went travel, was prepared a special event at Havan administrative center to wish good travel to the athletes. 

The athletes 

Matheus Rheine was born in Brusque and lost his vision in the first days of his life. Being consider one of Brazilian Paralympic Swimming stars, the swimmer is sponsored by Havan for 12 years. This is his third participation in Paralympics, after London 2012 and Rio 2016, where he had won the bronze medal. This edition, he competes at class S11 category (blind athletes). 

The tennis player Ymanitu Silva, Many, suffered a car accident in 2007 and being quadriplegic. He already plays tennis and the accident didn’t stop him to continue in sport. He was born in Tijucas and he bears Havan’s name since 2018. Nowadays, Many is the 10º in the world ranking at Quad of Tennis in Wheelchair category ranking. In addition to dozens of titles, he writes his name in history as the first Brazilian to compete a Grand Slam tournament, from Roland Garros. 


See the video about Matheus Rheine: 


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