At Havan, every September is from Brazil

Havan is proud to be Brazilian and as proof that it is a patriotic company, will dedicate all the month of September to extol it’s love for Brazil. Joining the traditional “Brazil week”, that starts this Friday, September 3rd, the retailer is realizing during this month, the “Brazilian way to save money” campaign, proving opportunities of sales of 50% to the customers and the possibility of paying in installments for the entire store in 10x with no interest and no entry. 

According to Havan’s Marketing Creative Core coordinator, Ana Paula Mellão, the idea of to explore the expression “Brazilian way” has the objective to demystify the form how do we refer to this peculiar characteristic of Brazilians. “Usually it brings us pejoratives references, but it represents this unique way from our population, that always find a different solution for many challenges. We are a nation that turn around on 30, run away and make it happen. We seek to value this special characteristic”, highlight, when she remembers that we are the 4th most creative nation in the world, according to WARC Rankings study. 

The Havan special sales for September from Brazil are valid not only for the 164 megastores spreaded across the country, but also in Havan App and Havan website. The campaign will count with special activations to the customer week, that happens between September 13th to 20th. Is important to highlight that the stores will be opened during the holiday, September 7th.