Natal Feliz

Since 2008, our employees have been meeting voluntarily to make the Natal Feliz Havan, a Project that was born out of the desire to help and that has already met more than twenty thousand children and five thousand elderlies, thanks to donations from our employees and suppliers.

The organization of Natal Feliz starts around 6 months in advance, where the benefited place and neighborhood are defined and activities designed especially for those local needs.

After the definition, the group begins to get resources, where our employees voluntarily contribute by donating money or their time. In addition to the delivery of donations in the chosen neighborhoods, in the days before Christmas, there is also a motorcade in the municipality of Brusque (SC), where more gifts and treats are distributed.

The most incredible thing about Natal Feliz is that this is a genuine effort by our employees, inspired by several other actions that we carry out here at the company. The Natal Feliz Havan is in its 13th edition and even in a year as challenging as 2020, it still happened. Check out the latest edition of the event.